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The Cheevers surname sits at a sweet-spot in the world of surnames; it is Norman, and so it can be traced back to the very invention of surnames by the Normans a millenium ago; it is rare enough that individual family lines can be followed through those thousand years; it is not so rare as to have become extinct (the statistical destiny for rare surnames).

This content was gathered, and this web content produced and shared, in a time when sources were only available via traveling to research libraries. Now that original sources are available on-line, this site is not maintained. I hope you'll not only enjoy this glimpse into the Cheevers of the late Middle Ages, but also enjoy this glimpse of web design in the late 20th century. :-)

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1066 Guillame Le Chievre and Roger de La Pommeraie were brothers who accompanied William the Conqueror in the invasion of England and who fought at the Battle of Hastings. [ Battell Abbey ]
1087 The 'Terra Willelmi Chievre' included 47 lordships in barony in Devonshire. The 'Terra Radvlfi De Pomerei' included 60 manors, most in Devonshire, the remainder in Somerset. [ Domesday ]
1200 William Chevre witness to foundation charter of Tintern Abbey. [ Hore v2, p23 ]
1220 ca.William Capra (Chevre) sold the cantred of Ofelmeth. [ Ormond v1, p23 ]
1227-90 ca. Nicholas de Chevers, bishop of Leighlan, took a deposition (with respect to?) [ Ormond v1, p31-2 ]
1240 ca. Nicholas de Chevers receives grant of five and a half carucates (roughly 700 acres) in Slekachly. [ Ormond v1, p42 ]
1266, February 28 "Richard, son of Patrick Chevre" receives the estate of William Mallard (Mayllardeston). [ Ormond v1, p361 ]
1297 ca. David Chevere witnesses a grant of Kells. [ Ormond v1, p134 ]
1325-6 Nicholas Cheuyr, Thomas "son of Nicholas", and Richard Cheuyr pledge various fees in County of Kilkenny. [ Ormond v1, p242 ]
1338 "John, son of Patrick Chevre" quit-claims a building and 1200 acres (?) near Clancoman. [ Ormond v1, p299 ]
1382, August 16 William Mody, chaplain, appoints Walter Chevyr his baliff. [ Ormond v2, p190 ]
1390, February 3 William Chevyr recorded as witness to a deed. [ Ormond v2, p211 ]
1397, May 20 Walter Chewyr recorded as witness to a deed amongst the de Sancto Albino family. [ Ormond v2, p230 ]
1403 John Chever was mayor of Wexford.
1413 Patricke Cheuer witnessed the confirmation of the municipal liberty of Wexford. [ Ormond v3, p1 ]
1428 William Chevers, Attornery, appears at court. [ Hore v2. p65 ]
1440 William Chevyr was witness to an inspeximus regarding the outlawry of Thomas fitzMaurice. [ Ormond v3, p119 ]
1543 Hamond Chevers de Killian was a juror in an Inquisition upon Tintern. [ Hore v2. p85 ]
1543 Hamond Chevers, Esq., held his Castle and lands of the Mayor of Wexford and owned about 2,000 acres north of the Slaney. [ Footnote to Hore v2. p86 ]
1581, July 5 Edward Cheevers hanged, drawn, and quartered for conveying priests, a Jesuit, and a laymen out of Ireland.
1628 Ric Cheevers was mayor of Wexford.
1634,1635 Mark Cheevers was mayor of Wexford.
1639 Gerald Cheevers and Christopher Hollywood expelled from Irish parliament as "rotten and unprofitable". [ Footnote to Hore v4. p463 ]
1640-1641 Garret Cheevers was an MP in the 4th session of the Irish Parliament, and listed as Catholic. [ 'The Outbreak of the Irish Rebellion of 1641' p135 ].
1641,1642 Nic Cheevers was mayor of Wexford.
1641, November According to a deposition of George Charleton, [firstname?] Cheevers, Mayor of Wexford was involved in an assault on Duncannon Fort. [ Hore v4. p65 ]
1649 Didacus Cheevers slain in Wexford Massacre.
1651, April George Cheevers is accused of harboring rebels. [ Hore v6. p497 ]
...and many more.

Cheevers.Org Library - Primary Sources

Calendar of Ormond Deeds v1, 1172-1350 AD
Calendar of Ormond Deeds v2, 1350-1413 AD
Calendar of Ormond Deeds v3, 1413-1509 AD

Edited by Edmund Curtis, Litt.D.
From the foreword: "How all this mass of miscellaneous deeds, for the most part very carefully preserved, came into posession of the House of Ormonde it is unneccessary here to enquire. Suffice it to say that Ireland should be grateful that it has escaped the fate of many other collections and survived to this day."

History of the Town and County of Wexford
Edited by Philip Herbert Hore, transcription by John Cheevers
From the foreword: "From the Earliest Times to the Rebellion of 1798. Compiled principally from the public records and state papers."

A History of Medieval Ireland
Knights Fees in Counties Wexford Carlow and Kilkenny
The Worthies of Devon

Cheevers.Org Library - Secondary Sources

The Cheevers
by John Cheevers
My own abstraction of the sources I've collected so far, with both the subjects and the sources put into historical context.

How do you Spell "Cheevers"?
by John Cheevers
Capra, Chievre, Cheevers, Cheever, Chevers, Chivers, Shivers... and possibly Chevis?

The Norman Cheevers Families of Ballyhealy and Ballyseskin, 1247-1654 A.D.
By Richard Lambert
Published in the Kilmore Parish Journal No. 27, 1998/1999, a 3000 word article covering the Wexford Cheevers.

Thomas Chevers: Arrival in America
By Thom Montgomery
Original research on Thomas Chevers (ca. 1653), complete with many references.